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7. Posted February 21, 2016 (edited) So recently I purchased some HST pulled bullets and decided to have a quick stab at getting a practice load figured out to match. the factory load. Here's what I came up with. Temperature 45 degrees fahrenheit. 124g HST bullet, Titegroup powder, CCI 500 SPP, 1.100" COAL, 3" barrel Sig P938.

Winchester 231 is a ball powder, one of the most popular handgun propellants in history. It is ideally suited to 38 Special, 45 Auto, and 9mm standard loads. Consistency, clean burning, low flash, and a broad range of applications make this powder a choice for any handgun cartridge loader. Comprehensive load data for Winchester 231 reloading ...The 9mm Bayard case is slightly longer. GENERAL COMMENTS - Bullet diameter is the same as the 9mm Luger and one can use Luger bullets for reloading. Any standard load for the 9mm Luger or 38 Automatic will work in the Steyr pistol. Fiocchi of Italy still loads this round. Be Alert: Publisher cannot be responsible for errors in published load data.

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The information contained on Bullet-Blog.com is meant to be used alongside professional load data manuals and should never be used as a stand alone source for reloading. Reloading ammunition, while a fun and rewarding hobby, can be dangerous and all safety precautions should be taken prior to using any reloading equipment or information.Wt. 9mm Luger / 9mm Parabellum (Hodgdon CFE Pistol Data) reloading data with 22 loads. Using bullets from Barnes TAC-XP, Speer GDHP, Sierra FMJ, SinterFire, Lead …1. Hodgdon Universal gunpowder. Hodgdon Universal gunpowder is the best of all worlds for shooters who like to switch things up. This powder is favored by 9mm reloaders because it can be used effectively with a wide variety of bullet weights and kinds. It’s also simple to measure and yields reliable outcomes.

1323. Remarks: maximum load. 9mm Luger / 9mm Parabellum (Using 115 GR Hornady Bullets) reloading data with 45 loads. Using bullets from Hornady HP-XTP or FMJ-RN. Powders include Alliant, Hodgdon, Winchester, Accurate, Vihtavuori, IMR. 9mm TMJ® RN 9mm GDHP Weight (grains) 124 Ballistic Coefficient 0.159 0.134 Sectional Density 0.141 COAL Tested 1.135" 1.120" Speer Part No. 3993 3998 Propellant Case Primer Weight (grains) Muzzle Velocity (feet/sec) Weight (grains) Alliant Blue Dot Speer CCI 500 7.1 1121 7.9 Alliant BE 86 Federal Federal 100 5.4 1124 6.0 Accurate No. 9 Speer ...Learn More. Cartridge Select Cartridge 17 Ackley Hornet 17 Hornet 17 Ackley Bee 17 Mach IV 17 Remington Fireball 17-222 17-223 17 Remington 20 Tactical 204 Ruger 22 Hornet 22 K Hornet 218 Bee 221 Remington Fireball 222 Remington 223 Remington (5.56 x 45mm) 222 Remington Magnum 22 PPC 224 Valkyrie 22 Nosler 22 BR Remington 5.6 x 50mm …9mm Luger / 9mm Parabellum (Winchester Pistol Data) reloading data with 15 loads. Using bullets from Speer Gold Dot Hollow Point, Sierra Full Metal Jacket, Speer Full Metal Jacket, Full Metal Jacket, Jacketed Hollow Point, Lead Round Nose, LCN, Lead CFP. Powders include WinchesterBillions of rounds have been loaded with Bullseye since it was introduced in 1913. Fast burning and consistent. Economical and accurate. Principal Purpose: Handgun loads. Remarks: America's best known pistol powder. Unsurpassed for .45 ACP target loads. Canister Sizes: View All Bullseye ® Recipes.

I love reloading 9mm. Its one of my favorite.In this video I Show you how you can reload 9mm cheap Below are some great places to get 9mm ammo Check me out o...Dec 19, 2018 ... Plus it's just plain fun. Bunch of 9mm Mmmmm, shiny ammo – my favorite. But to do it right – and in ... ….

Reader Q&A - also see RECOMMENDED ARTICLES & FAQs. 9mm reload data. Possible cause: Not clear 9mm reload data.

If anyone is interested, let me know. Until then, a lot of shooters are requesting load data for the 9mm Luger cartridge using our 147gr bullets, and I’m here to deliver the report I was given. The short and sweet of it, this is data for standard pressures as well as +P pressures, so know what you have and what you can work with safely.Select Page. LOAD DATA. Reloading Tips: Inceptor®Ammunition uses injection molding to create projectiles that are an innovation in bullet design, composition and manufacturing. These projectiles are perfect for self-defense and training; intermediate barrier-blind and frangible on hardened steel.

7 mm - 08 Remington. 7 mm Bench Rest Remington. 7 mm PRC (Precision Rifle Cartridge) 7 mm Remington Magnum. 7 mm Remington SAUM (Short Action Ultra Magnum) 7 mm STW (Shooting Times Westerner) 7 mm WSM (Winchester Short Magnum) 7 x 57. .30 - …LOAD DATA Bullet Brand: Federal ® Weight/Type: 147gr 9MM Hydra-Shok JHP More reloading data can be found at federalpremium.com 20034068 PB9HS147 Starting Load Max Load POWDER OAL (IN) PRIMER BRASS CHARGE WT (GR) VELOCITY (FT/SEC) Alliant BE-86™ Alliant Power Pistol® Alliant Unique® Alliant Sport Pistol™ 1.100 Fed …

accident on 787 yesterday The 9mm Bayard case is slightly longer. GENERAL COMMENTS - Bullet diameter is the same as the 9mm Luger and one can use Luger bullets for reloading. Any standard load for the 9mm Luger or 38 Automatic will work in the Steyr pistol. Fiocchi of Italy still loads this round. Be Alert: Publisher cannot be responsible for errors in published load data. In no event shall Nosler, Inc. be liable for any damages resulting from the use of this data.” All cartridge measurements are SAAMI maximum and due to variations from manufacturers actual measurements may vary * = Most accurate load tested 8 6 % 8 0 % 7 5 % 7 8 % 6 0 % 5 4 % 6 8 % 4 9 % 4 3 % 5 9 % 5 4 % 7 0 % 9mm Luger - 124 grain 9mm (.355 ... lowes hours midlothian varadiant waxing bend reviews Nosler JHP. Alliant. Power Pistol. Subscribe. 1334. Remarks: overall loaded length (inches): 1.115. 9mm Luger / 9mm Parabellum (90 & 115 GR) Handload Data reloading data with 133 loads. Using bullets from Hornady HP-XTP, Sierra JHP, Barnes XPB, Speer Gold Dot HP, Nosler JHP. Powders include IMR, Alliant, Hodgdon, Vihtavuori, Winchester ... craigslist millsboro delaware The Windows registry on your PC is made up of root keys and sub-keys. These are known as HKeys (HKEYS_) and are vital to your PC's performance and start-up. Each HKey has a differe... mary tim pooldollar general wheatland ianewlife89.com reviews Online Customer Service 877-426-7849. Product Services Support 866-286-7436 anthony demarco and sons USE THIS DATA WITH ALLIANT BRAND POWDERS ONLY. REDUCE RIFLE AND HANDGUN CHARGE WEIGHTS BY 10% TO ESTABLISH A STARTING LOAD. DO NOT EXCEED THE LOADS DISPLAYED ON THE SITE OR ALLIANT'S RELOADERS GUIDE. By clicking the link below, I understand and will agree to abide by the above precautions. …Mar 8, 2021 ... Accurate No 7 - Propellant Profiles. Handloader TV · 11K views ; Loading 9mm +P with Speer Gold Dots - pt 1 - Powder Selection. Johnny's Reloading .... high tide jupiter floridasturniolo triplets older brotheromi in a hellcat girlfriend instagram name Use of this data in firearms with insufficient barrel twist rates may result in poor accuracy, key-holing, and internal strikes that could cause damage to muzzle devices such as brakes or suppressors. Hodgdon Powder Company 6430 Vista Drive Shawnee, KS 66218 (913) 362-9455 www.hodgdon.com .Load the dummy round in your magazine and test for function by cycling the round through the gun.​ ​. 9mm (9x19). Picture .380 Auto. Picture ...